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Guar Crop

India has been the single largest producer and exporter of Guar gum accounting for more than 80 percent of the global output and trade.

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Guar Seeds

Endosperm of guar seeds are used in many sectors of industries like mining, petroleum, drilling and textile., food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water treatment, mining, drilling, explosives, confectioneries and many more. Since a long time Guar Gum can be also named as a hydrocolloid, is treated as the key product for humans and animals as it has a very high nourishing property.

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Guar Split

The basic raw material for Guar Gum Powder production is Guar Split. Guar Splits are prepared and manufactured from Guar seeds and further refined to different purity levels to meet the exact buyers' requirements.

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Guargum Powder

Gum is derived from guar seeds or cyamopsis tetragonoloba termed as Guar Gum. Guar Gum can also be termed as guaran. These seeds have high low-shear viscosity as evaluated with other hydrocolloids like (locust bean gum). Guar Gums are effective thickeners and stabilizers..

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guar crop

Guar gum is an emulsifier, thickener, and stabilizer approved for use in a wide range of foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. It is sold as a white to yellowish odorless powder, which is available in different viscosities and different granulometries depending on the desired viscosity. Its viscosity is a function of temperature, time, and concentration. One advantageous property of guar gum is that it thickens without the application of heat. Guar Gum has the following properties, which make it useful in variety of applications.

The guar gum is a polysaccharide which in water gives hexose sugar, mannose and galactose. These hexose sugars are soluble both in cold and hot water but it is insoluble in most of the organic solvents. In water it gives high viscosity even used small quantity. Strong acids cause hydrolysis and loss of viscosity; alkalies in strong concentration also tend to reduce the viscosity. Adding borax solution will form a gelatinous mass. Guar gum is compatible with starch, alginate, agar etc.


Main Properties of Guar Gum
It is soluble in hot & cold water but insoluble in most organic solvents. 
It has strong hydrogen bonding properties. 
It has excellent thickening, Emulsion, Stabilizing and film forming properties.
At very low concentration, Guar gum has excellent settling (Flocculation) properties and it acts as a filter aid.
It is non ionic and maintains a constant high viscosity over a broad range of ph.
It is compatible with a variety of inorganic and organic substances including certain dyes and various constituents of food.
The viscosity of Guar gum solution increase gradually with increasing concentration of Guar gum in water.
The viscosity of Guar gum is influenced by temperature, ph, presence of salts and other solids.
It has excellent ability to control rheology by economic water phase management.
It forms highly viscous colloidal dispersions when hydrated in cold water. The time required for complete hydration in water and to achieve maximum viscosities depends on various factors i.e. the ph; temperature; grade of powder used; Equipment etc.

Guar Gum Viscosity

The most important characteristic of guar is its ability to be dispersed in water and hydrate or swell rapidly and almost completely in clod water to form viscous colloidal dispersions or sols.

The viscosity attained is dependent on time, temperature, concentration, pH, rate of agitation and practical size of the powdered gum used. The lower the temperature lower the rate at which viscosity increases and the lower the final viscosity.

Above 80º the final viscosity is slightly reduced. The finer guar powders swells more rapidly than coarse powdered gum.

Physical Characteristics of
Guar Gum

Guar Gum is a natural high molecular weight hydrocolloidal polysaccharide composed of galactan and mannan units combined through glycosidic linkages, which may be described chemically as galactomannan.

Guar Gum is a white to yellowish white powder and is nearly odorless. Fine finished Guar Gum Powder is available in different viscosities and granulometries depending on the desired viscosity development and applications.

Dissolved in cold or hot water, guar gum forms a slime of high viscosity. Guar's viscosity is a function of temperature, time, and concentration.

Guar gum is a cold water soluble polysaccharide, consisting of mannose and galactose units. This ability to hydrate without heating makes it very useful in many industrial and food applications.

Solutions with different gum concentrations can be used as emulsifiers and stabilizers because they prevent oil droplets from coalescing. Guar gum is also used as suspension stabilizer.

guar harvesting process

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